The Brigade by Harold A. Covington

The most important book of White Nationalist “fiction” ever written. Generally considered to be his best work, it is a gripping page turner about the struggles facing a hated and despised minority – White people.
Many White people are sick of the way things are going in this country and if you’re wise enough to read the changing times, you’ll see that Covington’s words hold a lot of truth, even if this book is supposed to be “fiction”.

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A Mighty Fortress by Harold A. Covington

The United States is on the verge of balkanization and collapse, while at the same time the nation is torn by years of bloody domestic terrorism on the part of White Separatists in the Pacific Northwest. America is broke on the verge of meltdown and have no choice but to submit to negotiations with the domestic insurgents in Longview, Washington. Cody Brock a tough Seattle street kid, a runaway who joined the Northwest Volunteer Army at sixteen. By day he attends Hillside High School, where he falls in love with the homecoming queen, and budding actress, Kelly Shipman, by night he rides with Deadly Nightshade one of the NVA's dreded Third Section Spooks, suddenly Cody is compelled to confront a ghost from his past. His jewish past.

A Distant Thunder by Harold A. Covington

America in the near future is a cold, cruel place, especially in the hardscrabble rural Pacific Northwest. There’s war in the Middle East, a revived draft, mass unemployment, an economy permanently on the skids, greed and corruption, incompetence and stupidity at the top. Poor blue-collar kids from the trailer park are last in line for everything.

“Genuine politics is about one thing,” Red told us time and again. “It is about the acquisition and exercise of power. Everything else is political hobbyism, a luxury which the wealthy landed gentry of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries who created liberal democracy in this country and in England could afford, but which a race like ours which stands on the verge of extinction cannot. We are about to enter the world of realpolitik, as the Germans call it.

Power, all state power without exception, is in the final analysis founded on one basis: armed force. Religion, constitutions, civil laws, propaganda, custom and all the various social institutions for reinforcing acceptable behavior, i.e. submission to authority, all these things have their place in any state’s social structure, but without the ultimate sanction of the bayonet they are meaningless.

All state power, without exception, is initially acquired through armed force or through the imminent threat of armed force. All modern states, without exception, were originally brought into existence by men who fought for power with weapons in their hands.”

Fukuyama argued that liberal democracy was the final form of human government for all time to come. He claimed that the allegedly irresistible combination of liberal democracy and multinational capitalism had triumphed over all other competing systems such as monarchy, fascism, communism, National Socialism, welfare state socialism, and of course that nasty Islamic theocracy of the ignorant Arab peasants that persecuted poor little helpless Israel so. History was now at an end, Professor Fukuyama told the world. All that remained was to formalize that fact by taking care of a few little details and getting everybody on board and whipped into shape. Then once we got rid of all those picky little details like race, and religion, and culture, and morality, and the traditional nuclear family—in other words, once we destroyed all that makes humanity truly diverse in the non-politically correct sense of the term—then all the nations of the earth would boogie down in one great conga line onto the great worldwide Euro- American consumer plantation. There mankind would graze in the grass, dancing and singing and blowing dope and fucking anything with a pulse, bathed in the warm soothing glow from the television. The very flow of history itself would cease and the Garden of Eden would be reborn, but instead of a serpent in our new paradise we’d have only Ronald McDonald. The world would henceforth and forever be benevolently ruled from the corporate boardroom by pale, unseen beings in expensive suits, while at their shoulder for spiritual guidance whispered the holy rabbi Hyman Heeblebaum from Temple Schmuck-El, wearing his little blue and white knitted beanie, his heart filled with the brotherhood of man and confident in his ancient Talmudic knowledge of what is best for us all. Wrong, asshole. Dead wrong. The United States of America into which I was born was all a lie. A cheap, shoddy, vicious, evil lie that deserved nothing but bloody death at the point of the sword. In the United States of America, if you had a white skin and a dick on you, if you had no money, then you were nothing. Get back, redneck! No one cared about you. No one would lift a finger to help you, and all you were good for was to fix the rich people’s appliances and toys. You were raw material for biped swine in suits to make money for themselves off your sweat and your pain. You lived your whole life like a dog, you were beaten like a dog, and you died like a dog. Well, by God, we showed those rich sons of bitches and their smart Jew lawyers and their pet monkeys that dogs have teeth! Oh, yeah. Amazing what a few well-placed bullets and a dab or two of Semtex under some rabbi’s kosher tuches can do to get the wheels of history jump-started and turning back on track. My name is Shane Ryan. I was one of those little details Fukuyama and his kind could never quite take care of. I was a Northwest Volunteer. This is how we started the wheels of history turning again.

The Hill of the Ravens by Harold A. Covington

As the 22nd century approaches, the United States and Canada have been shattered by war and upheaval, separate ethnic, racial, and political enclaves. On the east coast are crumbling, bankrupt and tottering United States government holds a weak and impotent sway over a ragged collection of tattered states and cities, but life is chaotic and plagued with poverty, violence, and desperation. And in the Pacific Northwest, from northern California on up to Alaska, a White Separatist government rules the Northwest American Republic. Donald Redmond and his partner Sergeant Nel plunge into the past and seek for the answer: who betrayed the Olympic Flying Column, and why?
H. A. Covington offers us a hopeful view of a future that may yet come to be.

Freedom’s Sons by Harold A. Covington

In the first four novels–A Distant Thunder, A Mighty Fortress, The Hill Of The Ravens, and The Brigade – we followed the path of the War of Independence when in the not-so-distant future, the people of the Pacific Northwest fought a five-year guerrilla war against the overbearing tyranny of Washington, D.C., and finally established the Northwest American Republic as an independent nation. Freedom’s Sons chronicles the first fifty years of the NAR’s existence as a country and a new society, The novel follows the fortune of three families, one of the former rebel guerrilla fighters from the Northwest Volunteer Army, one Unionist, and one refugee family who flees to the Republic from the collapsing U.S.A.
A story of redemption and the triumph of the human spirit over the darkness now engulfing the world.