Who do I contact in order to come home?

The brutally honest answer is simply yourself and those of the same racially white blood closest to you, there are many of us in and around the homeland that will help with advice and direction but Coming Home and getting organised must be an act you make. Links to groups can be found at the bottom of the site. you can aslo contact us here

We require YOU to ignite those critical reasoning skills…


Being part of the Northwest Imperative means having the moral courage to Come Home and put something in to it, not take something out of it, you are not doing this for yourself, you are doing this for generations of children and familys that have not even been born yet.

I want to join the party and come home/ i am in the homeland and i want to join the party how do i get involved.

First off and this is important, you do not join anything, you read the books and follow the Butler plan based on your skills and abilities, on what you have the capacity to do in the homeland.

You do NOT join the party, the party joins you WHEN you come home and help create the pockets of small racially aware community’s.

The party joins you when you come home/are in the homeland and you have directly put in the work and shown that you are of a sound mind and capable of being a part of putting something into the NF.

That in it self dose not mean you can not come home and secure the existence of our race and our future.

Not every person can be leadership or Imperative material, not everyone in the Northwest even completely agree with the plan but they agree an Ethnostate a homeland for whites is the only option left.

Some of us are organic migrants.

Some of us are outlanders and fence sitters.

Some of us are assets.

Some of us are volunteers. (NOT NVA)

And some are class A people that have something about them that make them leaders and shepherds of people.

You would not want a plumber pulling your appendix out in a hospital and you would not want a surgeon fixing your household plumbing.

Is there a simple bullet point plan?

Yes but one dose not drive a car by just turning the key and pressing the accelerator down – We recommend and expect you to have a good look at the site, reading The White Book and studying the The Draft Constitution at the end of that book and The butler plan for an in depth understanding of what we will achieve.

Phase One: Relocation of as much of the existing racially conscious White community in North America as possible to the Pacific Northwest, through planned and assisted migration.

Phase Two: Serious mass propaganda and educational work among the native, Northwest-born White population, and also among organic migrants who are racially motivated but not fully racially aware, using teams of racial migrants as the movement’s initial activity units.

Phase Three: The creation of a legal political movement for Northwest independence, if this option is still open by the time we are in a position to do so. This will involve the bringing into being of a disciplined, fighting revolutionary Party.

Phase Four: The creation of an economic, social, and organizational infrastructure that will be capable of assuming political and economic command of the Pacific Northwest in the event of a Soviet-style collapse of the central government of the United States.

What we are asking of YOU?

Read The White Book most importantly and novels, not as important but if you have character issues (and most folk do given the last 70 years of slop we have been consuming) the novels are a good way to detox the misinfomation and confusion folk have.

Come Home to the Pacific Northwest after scouting a suitable location.

After Coming Home, discreetly make local contacts (people in your community) some being general assets that are racially responsible and some unknowingly, if not yet racially responsible. Those that are racially responsible get vetted and if they have read the party handbook and novels they start building their own circle of assets.

Simply put its two things:

1. Get organized and work with/HELP! your White racial brothers and sisters, safely and legally, building funds and assets in your area.

2. Spread the Butler Plan, the principles of white character, the reinforcement of rejecting degeneracy and shunning anti White behaviour, discreetly in the Homeland.

Where can I find a White – only community? – where are the primary settlement areas?

The majority of the Northwest is White, the majority of non-Whites live in the cities and suburbs on the edge of these small dense urban areas. As for a Whites only community such a think cannot legally exist, take the gap and Come Home, help us create a Whites only Nation. The butler plan lists the settlement areas but its up to you where in the homeland you want to build your community. Just take note of what is said in the butler plan and The White Book, it was written to assist and advise you.

I am not American, can I Come Home?

Unlike the majority of political organizations and the anti white tendency of civic nationalism they hold the Northwest American Republic will be a Homeland for ALL White men women and children the world over, as long as you’re White, you have the responsibility and capability to come home and maintain yourself, then get a boat or book a flight. Non American White migrants will never be shunned by anyone in the imperative. those that try that anti White behaviour will find themselve up creek with no paddle real quick. The act and deed of crossing an ocean to come home is by far a greater challenge both legally and logistically than moving from one State to another.

What about including (x State that is not in the Northwest.

No! This has been brought up many times both on RFN and online in general.

Its also explained in The White Book.

Folk that have dedicated there lives to a homeland in the Northwest spent a long time looking at the viability of an Ethnostate in the chosen four State’s. People have moved from the State you suggest, they have uprooted themselves and their families at many costs not just financially and come home. We will not insult them and there actions because you don’t want to move away from what is comfortable and safe to you. It was not chosen out of a hat. The northwest was chosen for many economic and strategic factors. Also unlike most other states the Northwest has a strong racial history of men and women that have sacrificed much to build the foundations for you to come home and secure the existence of our race and our children.

What’s the Blue, White and Green tricolor flag about?

Simply put blue sky, White race, green land.

It is a simple, dignified tricolor design with no controversial symbols, or anything requiring more than the simplest symbolic explanation. The said flag has now been copyrighted via the cover art and textual description of the Northwest novels, so it cannot be stolen by the Jews, as they have done with other names and symbols in the past. The Northwest Tricolor flag consists of three vertical bars of equal length, similar to the French, Irish, and Italian tricolors. Left to right, the bars are navy blue, white, and emerald green, with the blue bar to the flagstaff. They symbolize blue for the Northwest sky, green for the land, and white for the people who will dwell in between the two. (Horizontal bars were considered, and are in fact used on the left-wing “Cascadia” flag, but unfortunately not only our own lefty wing nut element but the African nation of Sierra Leone already uses that design.) The flag of the new Northwest nation will become a symbol and a rallying point for the White race worldwide. It must be displayed, distributed, and publicized the world over until it becomes known as the modern day equivalent of the Confederate Battle Flag and the Hakenkreuzfahne as a generally recognized symbol of Aryan hope and courage in the face of racial death.